About Us


Mission: Education Elevation emboldens under-resourced youth to strive for educational goals beyond their horizons by providing the ancillary educational supports they need to bridge the access gap and accomplish greatness.

We utilize the generous contributions of our donors and partners to invest in young people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to resources and networks of support. Our work energizes a passion for learning, which gives our student’s exclusive advantages that accelerate transformational change. We collaborate with schools, libraries, NGO’s, and other 501c3’s to identify students who would benefit profoundly from additional educational assistance. We connect those young people with the individualized help they need through our partnerships with tutoring companies, universities, and teachers. This resilient network becomes our student’s scaffold of support, the foundation for their transformational change.

Education Elevation amplifies young people’s capacity for greatness. Installing a confidence their abilities, and expanding what they believe is possible in their lives. We validate their ambition with substance, incubate their aspiration with caring, and nurture independence through the community.

Education Elevation has a commitment to innovation, diversity, and leadership in education that is rooted in our founder’s devotion to helping youth in need achieve their life’s goals.

Our founders Tyler Boscolo and Tyler Marchand “The Two Tyler’s” were inspired to form Education Elevation through their shared passion for entrepreneurship, innovation, and a commitment social change. “We believe in education and know how it has profoundly helped both, personally, and in business.” Seeing so many young people fighting an uphill battle against the access gap they could no longer stand idly by as more and more young people’s dreams are discouraged and go unrealized. They identified the importance of tertiary supports in their successes and recognized the profound inequity between those with and those without access. Emboldened they set out to apply their business savvy to a pervasive, complex, institutional problem.

“Education Elevation at its core is about making sure the future has the best possible educational resources at their fingertips, regardless of household income.”

“we understand how important education is, which is why we pride ourselves in putting our student’s needs as our first priority.”

We invest in young people when it matters, so they may achieve greatness when it counts.